Western Region

The border of the region with the Southern Region, is the Center Ocean The border with the Eastern Region is between the Desert of Xerxes in the Zarzeen Empire.

This region does not vary in culture a great deal, but the people of this region have a great deal of dislike for others of the countries in this region. This strong dislike comes from the many civil wars that have plagued the region since its initial rebellion from the Council at Fallhaven’s experiment. The Empire of Briar Hilt’s capital city of Zalanburgis the region’s influential center due to its history as the first settlement in the region whenever it was first colonized. Their is a valid arguement that the region could have a bipolar sphere of influence because the empire of Gull’s Capital city of Province has become one of the greatest social center’s in the world, but its local population hardly compares to a city like Fallhaven, Eilreenia.

One very interesting note about the Western Region is its complete ignorance to the rest of the world. Once the Western Colony broke away from the Council at Fallhaven’s rule the now newly crowned Emperor Leon I destroyed all evidence of the existence of civilized nation on the other side of the Zarzeen Empire.

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Western Region

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