Council at Fallhaven

Location : Fallhaven, Eilreenia
Purpose : Ruling body over international affairs, a United Union of Countries
Members : Head of State of the following Countries-
The Lost Kingdom of Aenial
Walden Kingdom
Alir Republic
EilreeniaMaeglin III
Landon KingdomGlandeth
Zarzeen EmpireOh’ Chik’ Tok’ Tup
People’s Republic of Emery
The Island Nation of Pyras
The Islands of Malicar
Empire of the Blue PhoenixAmanu
Leader : Election every 5 years – Current Leader: Chancellor Maeglin III of Eilreenia
Founded :358 A.I.

The seal and symbol of the council is a pair of leaves crossed with the initial of CF in Elven at their center. On either side of the leaves the words “Protect” and “Mediate” in elven, and at their based the number 358 A.I.

The Council meets at the top of the their tower in Fallhaven and all members have a secondary residence and public office in the floors below the council room which is located on the top floors.

The Council at Fallhaven is widely regarded as the supreme ruling body over the countries who participate in the council. However officially their jurisdiction is only over international disputes and concerns, and may only mentor a particular single country’s issues and cannot interfere. The council’s only local jurisdiction is in the State of Panthra west of the Western Region countries who as of 1372 A.I. are no a part of the Council. This was done as an experiment, because the land was discovered by funding provided jointly by the council and the landmass was too far to rule by any one country in the council. The experiment is the 2nd of it’s type to rule over a region from a distant jointly by leaders. The first experiment was ultimately a failure whenever the Western Colony broke away to become the independent country of the Empire of Briar Hilt.

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Council at Fallhaven

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