Session Notes 7/24/09

In attendance:
Archivous Pendragon
Lady Aelar
Silban Paddington Stout

Our Heroes meet up with Professor Graffmote in Kythira, Gull after destroying the Great Orb of Darkness. Graffmote sends the heroes back to Province, Gull the capital city to meet with the emperor Clovis II for praise and reward. Clovis extends thanks calling the Party “The Saviors of Gull” and conveys that he has no funds to reward them with, and instead gives them the ancient artifact: The Hearthstone of Past Travels, which allows the user to transport him/herself back to a previous location that they have already been. As well as meet up with a new companion a personal Aid to the Emperor, a cleric mysteriously named, AAAH

The heroes then use the Hearthstone to transport back home to the great capital city of Zalanburg in the Empire of Briar Hilt, which upon arriving they find the city under attack from “Rat people” who are coming out of the desert. After an encounter with some soldiers who broke into the city, the heroes first travel to the tower of the Council of Trolanport, the War council of Briar Hilt, to find it in ruins. Worried about the emperor they quickly travel to the palace to find it under some siege, but the emperor alive. From here Leon XI explains that all of the members of the Council at Trolanport are dead except for Lady Aelar and Sir Spicy McHagus. Also about the attacks he says that these creatures, the Nezumi of the Zarzeen Empire have been known about and that there is known civilizations beyond The Dessert of Xerxes. Conveys the story about how all known info on the Eastern Countries was destroyed after the rebellion except for a few secret documents that were passed down emperor to emperor through his family. He gives the heroes the map of the world and asks them to travel to Fallhaven and see the Ruling council and ask them for help. In return he said he would reunite the Countries within the Western Region with the council.

The adventures use the secret Sewer escape out of the city to the small hidden dock along the Coast of the Sea of the Volsungs to encounter more Nezumi scouts who are searching their small get-away vessel. Archivous Pendragon uses his secret Changeling ability to confuse the scouts and ultimately our heroes victoriously flee to the rediscovered lands to the East in Search of the Great Metropolis of Fallhaven. Along the way Our Heroes Encounter a small Zarzeen Pirate Ship, which ultimately they overtake and sail Eastward into the Eileenatric Sea where after a few hours notice large Black Creatures in the air coming toward them.

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